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Explore Plant Kween's Indoor Jungle13:30

克里斯托弗·格里芬(Christopher Griffin)总是时尚,而且总是很有趣,在Instagram上也被称为“植物Kween”)分享了他们对室内植物的热爱以及室内园艺如何启发他们的空间和生活方式。


Brush up on your watercolor skills with these flower painting techniques.

Chalk Paint Basics With Annie Sloan07:55

Marianne Canada joins chalk paint creator Annie Sloan as she explains the basics of chalk paint and its many applications.


Mid-century Millennial07:34

When the pandemic landed Megan Housekeeper in her Austin, Texas, home full-time, she launched her social media persona Mid-century Millennial, where she shares her love for vintage finds and retro-inspired, DIY room makeovers.


DIY Stock Tank Swimming Pool07:42

Jill Tennant turns a livestock tank into a refreshing, striped backyard swimming pool.


Easy Wreath DIY


With an easy ombre pattern and just a 30-minute build time, this lush DIY wreath may be the best way to usher in spring.

Thanks, Science!

How to Press Flowers in the Microwave

Gussy up a gift tag, craft some colorful coasters or dress up a phone case with just a handful of blooms and the always-reliable kitchen appliance.

Handmade Home Tours

Step inside the homes of our favorite makers, creatives and influencers to get design inspiration and DIY decorating ideas for your space.


Inspired by days spent watching HGTV with his parents, Julian Thomas transformed his New York apartment with hand-painted murals and pop culture-influenced gallery walls.

Handmade Home Tours

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Rajiv Surendra's Latest Videos

The art is in the process for Rajiv Surendra. Learn how to bind a book, make your own hand-marbled paper and more from the artist, writer and actor.

游览拉吉夫·苏伦德拉(Rajiv Surendra)的纽约公寓

Explore actor, artist and writer Rajiv Surendra's home in New York, an apartment that he Marie Kondo-ed into a creative haven filled with antique collections and hand-drawn chalk art.

We Made You Something

To celebrate HGTV Handmade reaching 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, we designed a crafting-inspired desktop wallpaper and phone background to thank our biggest fans: You.

Clash of the Crafters


Two amateurs go head-to-head to recreate our craft projects for a chance at glory — and the Golden Glue Gun.

You Wish You Lived Here


您可以像名人一样生活。迪伦·银(Dylan Silvers)以1000美元的预算,无灵感的小公寓变成了值得星际的撤退。


Which Would You Choose?

The concept is simple: Alexandra Gater shops for a stunning statement piece and Dani Berger DIYs it. It's up to the homeowner to decide whose piece they like best.

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